Accapan, an icon of multiracial Malaysia

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Aiyoyo! Comedian Accapan has left us.

Growing up, I learnt aiyo and aiyoyo from the man himself on TV.

A legend in his own way, to me, Accapan represented a Malaysia that was.

A Malaysia where all races live in peace and harmony, without much racial tension.

Accapan is not only known by Indian communities but also by all Malaysians whose only source of entertainment then were RTM and TV3.

A comedian, an actor and in a jolly-good way, a token-Indian guy in Malay dramas on TV and also local films.

Accapan, a dying breed

Sadly today, we don’t really see his kind in Malay dramas anymore.

Another legend in his own way was Param, who passed away a few years ago.

He may have been short in stature but he was certainly big in his comedic prowess and acting chops and very popular with people of all races.

While there are actresses like Kavitha Sidhu,  Kenchana Devi, Tanuja Ananthan, I feel like we lack Indian male actors for Malay content.

The only one I can think of is Sathiya, and he seems to have gone out of the picture too. And even Accapan himself, disappeared from Malay shows of late.

I hope RTM, now under new Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh, will pay attention to this matter.

RTM must act

RTM must play an active role in producing and showing contents that depict a more multiracial, multicultural Malaysia.

It is no wonder the majority of non-Malays have abandoned RTM shows. The lack of representation of the other communities is one major contributing factor for this.

But then, we are in New Malaysia; we can change this, and we must.

Rest in peace, Accapan. You may not have lived long enough to celebrate another Malaysia Day, but you witnessed the historical event, the birth of New Malaysia.

– By Mujahidin Zulkiffli, NMT

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