Of old dogs and tricks : Will Anwar ever get the memo?

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This is a narrative about two reality-challenged individuals. Both of whom have been making spurious, never-ending fantastical, and whimsical claims. One of them on a daily basis. I try my level best to stay away from getting dragged into their petty political noises, but even a patient person has their limits. It’s akin to hearing a broken record player screech on and nobody wants to turn it off. Eventually though, someone will pull the plug.

I make the following statement not as someone with an ax to grind but in all honesty, simply as a concerned Malaysian who just happens to know what Anwar is all about, purely from the first-hand experience.

Anwar Ibrahim and his obsequious flunkey Farhash are both dubious characters, by my account. I believe, just as many others do, that as long as the duo have not been held accountable and answerable for their misdeeds, they should not even be given a platform to make unscrupulous noise day in and day out.

The facts are as follows. Farhash has an ongoing criminal investigation against him regarding an aggravated assault case and a civil lawsuit trial coming up. Anwar refused to take the polygraph by giving some lame excuse, refused to sue the complainant, and failed to provide an alibi, along with a string of other means which could have at least portrayed him as innocent.

Throughout my encounters with a myriad of people from all walks of life, they have each expressed their profound support for my battle for justice and some have even used expletives to describe Anwar. These are the facts. It is apparent that no more than a handful of self-serving hypocritical individuals who are vying for an Anwar premiership. Farhash is delusional, bordering on desperate when he makes the grand claim that Anwar is the rakyat’s choice as PM.

Not the rakyat. Anwar is most definitely not the rakyat’s idea of a leader. He is a bygone-byproduct. Even the most liberal of people do not want a former 2-time convict manning the top position in the country, let alone an unrepentant one.(i can say this dear reader, i was there)

Anwar Ibrahim has nothing short of hypocrisy ladled rhetorics, unsubstantiated claims, outrightly misleading sound bites to offer, and often very economical with the truth.

I am thoroughly disappointed that Tun Dr. Mahathir would even consider joining forces with Anwar to further his political goals.

Might I suggest a teaming up with a cow instead?


Yusoff Rawther

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