May 22, 2024

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NSC’s decision to allow sectors to increase operational capacity deemed timely – AMCHAM


KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 — The American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce or AMCHAM has lauded the National Security Council’s decision to allow all approved sectors to increase their operational capacity and operate fully without time constraints.

It said the decision would ensure business continuity and sustainability that are crucial in rebuilding the country’s economy, and enabling small and medium enterprises in Malaysia to reignite and revive their businesses and regain lost ground.

“Malaysia plays an integral role in the global supply chain whether it is American manufacturers operating in Malaysia, which are supplying essential goods and services around the world, or local producers directly supplying US companies around the globe,” it said in a statement here, today.

Chief executive officer Siobhan Das said AMCHAM’s member companies are fully invested in Malaysia and committed to stay in the fight to address the pandemic hand-in-hand with the government.

“There are still many sectors that need to be opened to support the new normal and a much more digitised world. We will continue to work together with the government to incorporate both direct and ancillary services, many of which support the manufacturing sector,” she said.

She described the service industry as equally important to the future of the country.

However, she said it was imperative that health and safety protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Health continue to be adhered to by all.

“AMCHAM’s member companies are committed to adhere to all government-set guidelines and standard operating procedures to combat this pandemic.

“We share the government’s sentiment of putting public health first while balancing the nation’s economy in order to protect the people’s livelihood while ensuring the economy remains vibrant and sustainable.

“We are confident that continued, close engagement between the industries involved will support this campaign against COVID-19 and build a brighter future for the country,” she added.