Malaysian cargo ship goes missing in Indonesian waters

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Kuala Lumpur, Jan 10 — A Malaysian-registered cargo ship carrying three local and two Indonesian crew members has been reported missing at sea in Indonesian waters, says the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA).

According to Johor MMEA director Nurul Hizam Zakaria, Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) Johor Bahru received information from MRSC Langkawi at 5.13pm yesterday regarding the missing cargo ship MV Dai Cat 06, which was carrying iron pipes and was last detected in Indonesian waters on January 1.

“This ship was carrying a load of 527 iron pipes worth RM726,205. The Putrajaya Maritime Rescue Control Centre (MRCC) has informed the Indonesian authorities to request that the MV Dai Cat 06 vessel be located.”

cargo ship

In a statement, Hizam said the information was received following a police report lodged at 12.11pm yesterday by the ship’s agent, claiming that the MV Dai Cat 06 had left the Kampung Aceh jetty in Perak on Dec 23 and should have arrived in Kuching on Dec 31.

Hizam said a distress signal was detected from the cargo ship 30 nautical miles northwest of Pemangkat, Indonesia, at 10.42pm yesterday.

He added that the Putrajaya Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) had informed Indonesian authorities to locate the cargo ship.

MRSC Johor Bahru has also sent out a navigational telex (NAVTEX) to request the maritime community to provide information about the ship, referring to the navigational telex device used on-board vessels to provide short range Maritime Safety Information in coastal waters automatically.

Johor MMEA has urged the maritime community to contact its operations centre at 07-219 9401 should they wish to relay any relevant information.


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