We will help TSMY like he is the Prime Minister too – Saifuddin

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Kuala Lumpur, Sep 4 — Minister of Foreign Affairs Dato Saifuddin Abdullah today stated that the recently appointed Chairman of the National Recovery Council (MPN) with Ministerial status, will receive the backing and support akin to that of the prime minister.

Speaking at an online forum sembang-sembang politik, organized by Bersatu Indera Mahkota, the Pahang Perikatan Nasional Chairman congratulated the former prime minister on his appointment, stating that these are part of the effort to assist and improve on the welfare of the people.


In addressing questions posed about the current political atmosphere in Malaysia, Dato Saifuddin said that although preparations were underway to face the 15th General Elections, which he feels could take place sometime next year, he expressed that in his personal view, the government should run its course of this parliamentary term, until May 2023.

“This is in order to have a relatively calm political atmosphere so that this administration can focus on addressing all the issues and challenges that the country is currently facing, as there are many things that need to be looked into and fixed,” he said.

He further added that these efforts to fix these shortcomings will go a long way to ensure the prosperity of the country as well as ease the process of administration post GE15.

“Regardless of who forms the government after the elections, Alhamdullilah, they can be off to a great start as the nitty-gritty issues have all been resolved,” said Saifuddin.


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