Malaysians in Bangkok do their bit to help those affected by COVID-19

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BANGKOK, Aug 10 —  A group of 20 Malaysians residing in Bangkok have been lending a helping hand to those impacted by the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

“Malaysians in Bangkok – Hands that Serve”, led by Dr. Silva Kumar are doing their bit to help Malaysians and Thais during the pandemic.

The group has sent groceries to charitable organization iCare Thailand and an Islamic charity organization,  Satthachon Foundation for Education and Orphans (SFEO).


Besides that, they also provided free meals to frontliners and those underprivileged as well as those impacted by COVID-19 in Bangkok.

“Giving and helping has to be a passion and going out of the way to help others is divine,” he told Bernama.

The group also donated cash to help a dog shelter back home, Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue in Pulau Meranti in Puchong and an NGO, Refuge For The Refugees.

“I initially started this group as “White Flag Help. Kita Jaga Kita” and later formed a group at the end of June and started collecting funds,” he said.

Meanwhile, the spouse of Malaysian Ambassador to Thailand Datin Catherina Cherian Samuel said the group came together to serve members of the Malaysian community adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over time, we reached out to serve the Thai people realising of the need and suffering around us at this difficult time,” she said.

Meanwhile, a Malaysian working in Bangkok Shankar Achuthan Kutty said the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a great deal of suffering.

“It’s tests one’s faith in humanity to identify means to provide some form of comfort to this suffering. In this, we as part of this collective, aim to provide hope.

“I see hope materialize through encouragement, companionship, friendship, sacrifice, religion, money, support, leadership, knowledge and many other forms. 

“We intend to carry on with this help until we pass this moment of difficulties and times of despair,” said the group member.


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