Open Letter to Abah; Don’t fall into Abang’s trap! – Mr Mageran

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Let’s cut straight to the point. Firstly, this is New Malaysia Times, we’ve never once written anything in favor of Anwar. NEVER.

This will be the first time we concede that Anwar’s plans are working out better than ever, whether you can see it or not. So please take this seriously.

Anwar must be silently grinning, seeing that his long-game is looking like it’s going to work out. Yes, Anwar might be taking a hit for making deals with UMNO leaders but he will survive that. It is more important that you must not lose sight of his real plan.

Do not be fooled by the letters to the King!

That was a bait that got the crocs to fight one another. It was likely meant to stir up UMNO from within, make them fight with each other and eventually either they decide to break up, or be united and withdraw their MPs support for Perikatan Nasional as the federal government. Unless they see it as what it really was.

Yes, the fact that some leaders of UMNO decided to betray the others could break up UMNO, but so what? It serves Pakatan Harapan’s purpose.

They know they can’t win GE15 if it’s a straight on one-on-one fight with Perikatan Nasional Plus. But in a three-cornered fight, PH have the biggest chance to form a government if a snap-election is called, and you know that.

Unfortunately you just don’t have enough numbers to hold on strongly, and it must be very exhausting but that doesn’t mean that you give up control. Do not repeat the mistake of your predecessor. He gave up the control and you became Prime Minister.

Can you stick together?

What are the current chances of PPBM, BN, PAS and others sticking together as one strong coalition in the next GE?

UMNO leaders who made that pact with Anwar had not only betrayed UMNO and PPBM but they also betrayed PAS. Can you all reconcile in time if a snap-election is called too soon? Perhaps the leaders and MPs can, but what about the supporters? Will they go out to vote as if their lives depend on it, or will they decide to stay home and not vote because they are just fed up?

And let’s not forget the most important thing.

People are still angry

The fact that people are still angry at what happened in Sabah. Like it or not, the movement of the people during the state election contributed much to the current scenario.

Even if the high numbers are a result of ramping up of the testing, in the eyes of the laymen, it was the politicians’ fault. Nothing done to counter that perception has been successful thus far.

So why repeat a mistake made by the former Sabah Chief Minister when you don’t have to?

It will be your biggest mistake ever

Calling a snap-election anytime will be your biggest mistake in your long political career. People will blame you and having only 2 months to hold the election may not be long enough for people to forgive you. Especially if the number of COVID19 keep going up. You’d be ultimately responsible, even if you’re forced to dissolve the parliament. It would be on you.

But then you know you don’t have to do so. You have the situation on your side to do the NECESSARY. To be able to hold off any political coups, and most importantly, for you to buy time in order to DELIVER. You have the numbers (COVID19 numbers unfortunately) and you have the life of the economy at stake.

With time and without political instability, you will be able to govern the country and lead the people out of this pandemic, as well as this economic crisis.

So please, do that. Buy time and DELIVER.

Yours sincerely, Mr Mageran

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