April 16, 2024

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No problem with Anwar becoming PM, says Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang Facebook Pic

Lim Kit Siang Facebook Pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 — There are no problems in Pakatan Harapan over the expected return of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim into the government and his taking over as prime minister eventually, says Lim Kit Siang.

The DAP veteran, who is also Iskandar Puteri MP, dismissed claims of differences and conflicts between PH component parties escalating as being the work of the new opposition.

“PH will carry on if the component parties and their leaders can resolve the differences, conflicts and contradictions by maintaining a positive mindset.

“In such a context, despite the worst trickeries and stratagems from the Umno/BN strategists and cybertroopers, I do not expect any hitches to Pakatan Harapan’s plan for Anwar to take over from Tun Dr Mahathir and become the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia,” he said at a talk organised by Otago Malaysian Students Association at University of Otago, New Zealand last night.

Umno-BN trying to break up PH before GE15

In his speech, Lim said any report of friction between the two leaders were purely the work of Umno and Barisan Nasional, in an effort to break up the PH federal government before the 15th general election.

“We should not discount or ignore the differences, conflicts and contradictions intra-party and inter-party in Pakatan Harapan, as the four political parties which formed the Pakatan Harapan have different histories and diverse political aims, but we have come together in a common and concerted endeavour to Save Malaysia from the trajectory of a failed state, a rogue democracy, kakistocracy and a global kleptocracy,” Lim said.

His latest comments follow what he said on Monday in support of the Port Dickson parliamentary by-election which is expected to help Anwar return to the Dewan Rakyat.

“The DAP will continue to back Anwar to take over as prime minister as agreed between Pakatan Harapan component parties last January,” Lim said in a statement, adding that he will campaign for Anwar in the by-election that is going to be held on October 13.

He also called on the people, many of whom voted for PH but are now against the move to engineer a by-election just for Anwar to be elected, must look at the “long-term view”.

Malaysia a ‘work-in-progress’

“We accept these criticisms, but urge Malaysians to have a big-picture and long-term view mindset, as the New Malaysia we want to build is a work-in-progress which will take more than one general election cycle to accomplish, as such a task will require 10 to 20 years to complete,” the DAP adviser said.

Lim added that the by-election will be “an important milestone” for Anwar to take his place in Parliament, and as such, “I will be campaigning for him”.

PH policies more effective in long run

Lim also advised PH supporters that many of the policies and action taken by the new government will not go down well but will be effective in the long run.

“In the coming months and years, difficulties, differences and even contradictions in Pakatan Harapan are bound to surface, but if we adopt the positive attitude that we want the Pakatan Harapan mission to build a new Malaysia to succeed, all these difficulties, differences and contradictions will be resolved in such a positive context.”