Myanmar blocks access to Twitter, Instagram: Telecom operator

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YANGON, Feb 6 — Myanmar has blocked the access of social media platforms Twitter and Instagram on Saturday, according to a statement issued by Telenor, one of the four operators in Myanmar.

The move came in addition to the current temporary block of Facebook imposed since Thursday, Xinhua news agency reported.


The statement said all mobile operators, international gateways and internet service providers in the country received a directive from Myanmar’s Ministry of Transport and Communications to suspend social media platforms Twitter and Instagram until further notice.

The ministry’s directive, which was spread on social media late Friday, asked the operators to temporarily suspend the access of Twitter and Instagram under Section 77 of the country’s Telecommunications Law, mentioning that the move is made in the name of public interest and stability.

The restriction of access to social media platform Facebook was imposed in Myanmar from Thursday to Sunday. 


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