Supermax included in MSCI global standard indexes

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – 13th AUGUST 2020 – Supermax Corporation Berhad (“Supermax” or the “Group”) will be added into the MSCI Global Standard Indexes as of close of 31 August 2020. 

Supermax is amongst eighteen companies worldwide, and one (1) out of two (2) companies in Malaysia to be added into the MSCI Global Standard Indexes under MSCI Malaysia Index. The three largest addition to the MSCI Global Standard Indexes under MSCI World Index includes PG & E Corp (USA), Peloton Interactive A (USA), and Zscaler (USA).


The three largest additions to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index will be Postal Savings A (Hk-C) (China), Beijing Shanghai A (HkC) (China), and Yandex A (Russia).

Supermax adopts the Own Brand Manufacturing (“OBM”) model whereby it manufactures the products, package, and market under its In-house brands. Supermax currently exports 55% of production under its own brands via its own distribution centers and 40% through independent distributors. The remaining 5% is for OEM production. 

Supermax products are sold to over 165 countries, the largest contributor being the Americas region which contributed 51% of revenue in FYE2020. Asia/Oceania and Europe each contributed 23% to FYE2020 revenue. In terms of product segmentation, 72% is from nitrile powder-free gloves, followed by 18% from latex powder-free and 7% and 3% from powdered latex and surgical gloves, respectively.

In terms of capacity expansion, Supermax has put in place expansion plans of building a total of 5 glove manufacturing plants between now and until the year 2022 with an additional production capacity of 22.25 billion making a total of 48.42 billion gloves by end of the year 2022. The Supermax Group would invest total capital expenditure of RM1.3 billion for the new plants.


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