April 16, 2024

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Kelantan DOE will monitor illegal mining activities in Tanah Merah – Tuan Ibrahim

Tuan Ibrahim

KOTA BHARU, May 1 – The Kelantan Department of Environment (DOE) have been ordered to monitor illegal mining activities in Kampung Lawang, Tanah Merah, 45 km from here, allegedly carried out by foreigners during the Movement Control Order (MCO), which have led to river pollution.

Minister of Environment and Water Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the ministry would not compromise with anyone who caused river pollutions.

“Our priority is clean water,” he told reporters after handing over 11 cubicles for testing COVID-19 to Kelantan Health Department director Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin at the Wisma Persekutuan compound here today.

The cubicle, produced by the Ibn Sina Malaysia Medical Charity Organisation (Papisma), was the result of a contribution from Ibrahim and a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to help facilitate frontline personnel screen individuals suspected of COVID-19.

Last Friday, the mining issue came to light after villagers found the polluted river water due to mining activities by about 30 foreigners.

Tuan Ibrahim said DOE would look into every complaint on water and air pollution, although overall, the level of pollution for both had decreased following the implementation of the MCO.

“The garbage pollution in the Klang River is 50 per cent less than before the MCO and the air condition is excellent. Only rivers have many other factors that cause pollutions such as soil erosion due to rain,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kelantan Papisma exco associate prof Dr Nik Rosmawati Nik Husain said a cubicle was built at a cost of RM2,300 and was able to reduce the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health facilities.

“This cubicle will prevent the operator from being directly exposed to the COVID-19 virus as it has positive airflow,” she said.