June 18, 2024

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New normal needs comprehensive digitalisation system – Muhyiddin


KUALA LUMPUR, April 25  – The process of digitalising government services must be more comprehensive so that the people can adapt to the new normal, said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said it was important for the people to benefit from it, including in the education and business sectors, so as to take the Malaysian economy to a more advanced level.

“I’m told that the current e-government system is probably at 30-40 percent. So, I have directed that we speed up and accelerate it so that in any societal situation, if the government is ahead, then the people will adjust.

“The process of digitalisation in government administration, in business matters, in our daily lives will be the trend in our future and I think the impact will be huge.

“This is an encouraging development, a new trend and I feel that for Malaysia’s economy to move forward, it cannot remain as it is now, (we) must look at new forms (of delivery) as I mentioned earlier,” he said in a special interview which was broadcast by RTM, Astro Awani, TV3 and Bernama TV today.

In the 45-minute interview, the Prime Minister also stressed on the importance of providing good digitalisation infrastructure as the country was no longer the same following the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

He said that a robust digitalisation system could transform the community in its daily dealings with farmers and fishermen, who could also utilise the technology to market their products.

“This is an example of the new normal which will have an impact on the nation’s digitalisation system. This is also one of the new challenges for us to move forward. The situation will return to normal but in a new form,” he added.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin noted that the new normal situation did not mean the Cabinet members were not working, instead they were using the available technology to better communicate and carry out their tasks.

“Under the MCO, they (the ministers) should stay at home. Yet, I have issued a directive that work must continue to be carried out and they should come to office. Because the government’s focus is on the COVID-19 issue.

“Perhaps with the situation we are in now and with not many statements being issued, people may think that ministers are not working. The ministers are working, and not getting paid in the last two months.

“I assure everyone that the Cabinet members are carrying out the duties entrusted to them for the benefit of the people despite these trying times, so that when tomorrow comes, we will resume our normal duties and not be bogged down by backlogs,” he said.