PKR scuffles overshadow Anwar’s sexual assault allegation; Yusoff’s father slams uncle’s statement

MELAKA, Dec 6 – PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sexual-assault allegation made by one Muhammed Yusoff Rawther has been overshadowed by rounds of scuffles at PKR Youth Congress here in Melaka, today.

Ruckus at the PKR Youth congress escalated into rounds of scuffles this afternoon, with at least one person reportedly injured.

One of the clashes occurred between party representatives and a mysterious group of young males wearing black t-shirts. This clash happened during the lunch break.

The black-shirt group were sitting at the back of the meeting room.

One of them told portal MalaysiaKini that they are promised payment to attend ‘reformasi’ in Melaka.

The group traveled by buses from Perak, following a leader identified as “Abang Merul”.

They attended the congress without possessing congress passes.

According to the portal the group is about 200 strong.

Meanwhile, PKR Youth Deputy Chief, Hilman Idham had taken a jib at Youth Chief Akmal Nasir for potentially being the man behind the the black-shirt group.

Yusoff’s father slams CAP Mohideen Abdul Kader; discrediting his statement

The father of Muhammad Yusoff Rawther, has slammed his uncle, Mohideen Abdul Kader for issuing statements on behalf of the family in response to the claims.

Muhammed Ali Mohammed Idris stated that Mohideen did not represent the views of the family or speak for them.

“Mohideen is simply the brother of my late father… is not in any way involved in Yusoff’s life and as such is completely unaware of what has happened and is going on.

“He is therefore in no position to have made any statements regarding my son.” he said.

Mohideen, the president of the Consumers Association of Penang, had responded by saying that Yusoff had been “estranged” from the family since the death of his grandfather, prominent consumer advocate SM Mohamed Idris, earlier this year.

He also said Yusoff’s claims were unknown to any of his family members. The family was aware of the alleged incident.

Mohideen used to be PKR candidate for Bayan Lepas in 1999 General Election.

NMT suggested yesterday that Mohideen’s statement sounded political.


(featured image credit: Fahmi Reza)