November 28, 2023

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Twitter abuzz with fitting room spycam in popular clothing store in KL


Kuala Lumpur, Jan 11 — A viral post on Twitter has alleged hidden cameras have been used to record consumers trying out clothes at a popular clothing store in Kuala Lumpur.

Twitter user meleisgw or Nishae recently posted a screenshot of what looks to be a private page or group from an unspecified social media site. The screenshot shows aerial footage from inside the women’s fitting room taken from a hidden camera.

“From now on, I’m never going into fitting rooms whenever I go shopping. This is terrifying”, the user tweeted. She discovered the existence of this group after a friend shared the link with her.

The original tweet, which has since been deleted by the owner to protect the privacy of the individuals in question, claims that since the revelation, several individuals have reached out to share their own experiences.

video screenshot

Although the location was not specified, it’s been speculated by others that this allegedly took place in an H&M fitting room. The tweet went viral, reaching over 2 million views, 10.9k retweets, and over 4k quote tweets.

Netizens reacted to the post with many asking for more info or update regarding the clothing store’s location so that they can avoid shopping there.

response from H&M

After the tweet went viral, one of the victims came forward and claimed that she was one of the women in the video screenshot. She revealed that the fitting room location is most likely at the H&M Avenue K outlet as she went shopping there last October. In a follow-up DM, the victim recalled that she entered the last stall of the fitting room on the far left.

“salam and hi, saya jumpa awak punya Twitter yang tentang fitting room tu. May I know all those videos dari mana? Cause one of the person in that video is me, and it caused embarrassing video when it published publicly. | hope that you can help me & btw, the fitting room is at H&M Avenue K if I am not mistaken, cause I bought shirt from there. the videos might be on 6th October 2022”

Nishae claims that the person in the video had provided a receipt of the purchase and pictures of the same clothes as the video as proof and that the victims have been encouraged to come forward and lodge a police report for further investigation.

The latest Tweet on this thread reveals that the Customer Service of H&M is aware of the allegations and is looking into the matter.

“The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us. A police report has been made and investigations are currently ongoing. We have conducted an inspection of all fitting rooms and are working to ensure that there are no security breaches that will compromise the privacy of our customers.”

However, at the time of writing, there have been no further updates from the netizen nor has Avenue K released an official statement.