December 1, 2023

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Russian exhibition in Malaysia a great initiative to promote Islam


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 — The international photo exhibition on ‘Traditions of Islam in Russia’ being held in Malaysia reflects the key milestone, close cooperation and the dialogue developed by both sides in promoting the global Islamic agenda, said First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council Dr Rushan Abbyasov.

Dr Rushan said the photo exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) which will run until Dec 31 is showcasing the rich history and culture of the Muslims in Russia, along with the centuries-old history of Russia and reveals the multifaceted soul of the country.

The exhibition is an eye-opener for those who are unaware on how and when did the Muslim faith came to Russia, being a country with a huge Muslim population of 25 million people.


“The exhibition is dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the peoples of the Volga Bulgaria, which is celebrated this year.”

“Through this exhibition, we want the people of Malaysia to know the true Muslim architectural heritage in Russia and how the multicultural society in a big country like Russia are able to live together. Today we have 8,000 mosques and 25 million Muslims in Russia,” he told reporters after attending the launching ceremony of the exhibition here Wednesday which was also attended by Russian Ambassador in Malaysia Naiyl Latypov. 

Commenting on Russia-Malaysia relations in terms of promoting Islam globally, the Russian mufti said both countries share close cooperation in halal certification, Islamic banking and tertiary education, with many Malaysians pursuing their higher studies in Russia. 

“Relations between Russia and Malaysia (in promoting Islam) have always been constructive, strong and are constantly evolving.”

“The best Malaysian hafizes (Quran reciters) have participated in our Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition for many years,” he said, adding even former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had once visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. 

More than 150 exhibits, divided into eight parts, each representing one of the Federal Districts of Russia, are being showcased. 

Exposition of the magnificent mosques of the country, religious and national holidays, creativity, traditional costumes and fine cuisine of the Muslim peoples of Russia are also being displayed to the Malaysian public at the the exhibition.

Prior to this, the exhibition had been held in Brunei, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

NMT as reported by Bernama