Najib now an accused, stop treating him like VIP

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 – The case of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and MIC President S.A. Vigneswaran pushing their so-called VIP status to get their way in official situations is a legacy that the new Malaysia can do without.

Najib had refused to sit in the dock as instructed by officers of the court during a hearing at the Sessions Court last week. He requested for a chair to sit just outside the dock, and was allowed to do so without any repercussions.

Meanwhile, Vigneswaran, who is the Senate president, ignored security protocol at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the dress code when entering the VIP lounge.

This went against the new regulations placed by Transport Minister Anthony Loke last month that called for all VIPs to follow the same protocol of making customs declarations and undergoing body searches when entering the VIP lounge, whether upon arrival or before departure.

Police investigating MIC president

In the case of Vigneswaran, the matter is now a police case. A police report was finally made by the airport management yesterday, and police will investigate the alleged breach of security regulations by the president of the Dewan Negara last week, Bernama reported.

“Actually I have no intention of prolonging this issue, neither do I want any publicity from it.

“But since a police report has been made, let the police carry out their duties, I will wait for the full report of the investigation,” Transport Minister Anthony Loke was quoted as saying by the national news agency.

Loke however may he claimed to not wanting any publicity from it, certainly publicized the matter by holding a press conference on Saturday, demanding that Vigneswaran apologise to the officers on duty.

“For me, if we have hurt others with our words or actions, apologising is the best thing to do.

“An apology will not in any way degrade one’s reputation, especially when he has a position in the Senate. He should have shown a good example,” Loke had said.

According to Loke, the matter has also been raised with the Prime Minister’s Office for further action, including possible revocation of such privileges to Vigneswaran henceforth.

Perhaps Loke should not go back to the old opposition ways of using the media to make a circus of the issue and start acting like a Minister too, since well, he is a now Minister.

Shouldn’t he let the police handle the matter, and not turn it into a media circus, against his own claim for not wanting publicity?

Why no contempt of court charge against Najib?

Back on Najib, what about the Sessions Court judge and the officers on duty that day?

Would they be so kind and accommodating to any other individual who refused to sit in the dock?

Why wasn’t Najib charged with contempt of court over his refusal to comply with direct instructions.

He is an ACCUSED, and remains so until he is found guilty or not guilty by the court. As such, he is not a VIP who can do as he please anymore, even if he is the former PM.

Chief Justice, AG, law minister’s deafening silence

The lack of action by the Sessions Court judge and officers on duty is compounded by the silence by the Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Liew Vui Keong, who is in charge of Legal Affairs.

This is the sort of entitled behaviour by members of the former Barisan Nasional government that should be stopped altogether.

Loke has rightly backed the officers in duty at the KLIA over the incident, but he should also be informing them that there is no two ways about it.

Civil servants must treat VIPS no different to ordinary folk

If any of us refused to allow a body search to be carried out at the airport, we would be immediately arrested and confined to a room for hours and questioned.

An officer present at the press conference with Loke said nothing was done as they did not want to make a scene.

Their inaction is equally wrong, though not grievous, because they have been spoiled by the system of paying too much respect to so-called VIPs.