Fire breathing soldier to perform at National Day Parade

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PUTRAJAYA, Aug 28 — Despite his busy schedule with training and duties as a member of the Malaysian Army, Staff Sergeant  Mad Zain Medol is an accomplished fire breathing performer and he will display his talent to wow spectators at the 2021 National Day and Malaysia Day (HKHM 2021) celebrations at the National Heroes Square here on Aug 31.

Known as the fire dragon, the 38-year-old Sabahan, who is heading the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF)  Armour Corp Band for the MAF drum line event, hopes his show would add to the excitement at HKHM 2021. 

The National Day celebration themed ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ will be aired virtually on Aug 31 and could be viewed via local television stations, Facebook Live Merdeka360, and Facebook Live of the Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM).

Sharing his experience as a fire-breathing performer, Mad Zain admitted his skill does require boldness as blowing kerosene to a fire could cause burns on the performer.

fire breathing

“I actually learned through my mistakes to pick up the talent,” he said when met by Bernama at the HKHM 2021 rehearsal.

According to Mad Zain, he had picked up the trick before joining the army and when he was recruited into the service in 2003, it became a platform for him to further hone his skill and display his talent.

The father of three is not only a hero to his children as his colleagues were equally thrilled with his brave performance. 

“In MAF, there are various courses. So I took the opportunity to attend the relevant fields and also shared my knowledge with the personnel of other teams,” he said.

The six-minute MAF drum line combined band performance which would also see Mad Zain doing his fire-spitting show is participated by 128 members of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), and the Malaysian Army (TDM), and other uniformed agencies.    

Mad Zain who is also the drum major will be leading the band and performing the fire breathing show, said they have been practicing for a month to ensure flawless performance.

According to him, the combined MAF drumline will play several patriotic songs as well as a taekwondo demonstration.

Meanwhile, Navy Warrant II Officer, Azumu Zainal, 40, who is one of the combined band members said that although the role as a mace thrower is often performed, training remains a priority.

“Training is necessary because during the performance we want to avoid the mace falling during the show, ” he said, pointing to the injuries on his neck.

The Rukun Negara Pledge will be led by Senior Fire Superintendent II Siti Farizun Naim, 33, who said she is one of the eight frontliners to read the pledge to represent the entire uniformed team serving the country in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is the first time I participated in National Day in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic where the training aspect is very different because we all need to prioritize the standard operating procedures (SOP) set. This is a new experience for me, ”she said.


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