Facebook removes ability to view friends list of accounts in Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON, Aug 20  — Facebook has temporarily removed the ability for people to view or search the friends lists of accounts in Afghanistan, to protect Afghan users from possible reprisal from the Taliban, head of the Facebook security policy Nathaniel Gleicher said late Thursday.

He stressed that after a week of hard work, Facebook developed a one-click tool for people in Afghanistan that allows them to lock down their accounts, according to Sputnik.

“We also temporarily removed the ability to view and search the ‘Friends’ list of Facebook accounts in Afghanistan to help protect people from being targetted,” Gleicher wrote on his Twitter page.


He also called on users not from Afghanistan to tighten their visibility settings in order to protect their friends from the central Asian nation. 

The Taliban entered Kabul on Aug 15, ending a weeks-long offensive and resulting in the collapse of the US-backed government.

Facebook has banned the Taliban from using its services and deletes contents with their propaganda.


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