We offer real change, not rhetoric – Ali Biju

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Press statement

I refer to the special address by our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Dato to the entire nation just delivered a few minutes ago.

Malaysians heard a resoundingly bold and brave slew of reforms proposed by the PM. These are real reforms and not mere political rhetoric or flimsy manifestos.

The impact of these reforms will be far-reaching and will change not only the political landscape of today but for many generations of all Malaysians to come, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

ali biju

These reforms are what we have all been fighting for and championing, especially myself since my days in Keadilan. With bi-partisan support and cooperation, we will be able to see our political struggle finally bearing fruit.

To my friends in the Opposition; this is an offer you have been waiting for and simply cannot refuse. This is for our nation’s future. Enough politicking and spewing rhetoric. Enough dallying with kleptocrats.

The Rakyat is now banking on us to lift this nation out of an impasse that is only wreaking havoc. Let us work together on REAL CHANGE for once and put aside our differences. The offer has been made, and the time has come. What else are we waiting for?



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