May 22, 2024

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Israel should be brought to International Court: Palestine Envoy to Venezuela


CARACAS, May 22 — Israel ’s crimes in the Gaza Strip must be brought to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Palestinian Ambassador to Venezuela Fadi Alzaben said Friday. 

“Israel cannot enjoy such impunity. They have to pay for their crimes and must be tried at the ICC,” he was reported as saying by Anadolu. 

His comments came in response to Israel’s recent bombings of Gaza that lasted 11 days.


Alzaben’s remarks were made during an event to show solidarity with the people of Palestine in Guarenas, a municipality bordering Venezuela’s capital of Caracas. 

He said that more than 75 Palestinian children and women were killed as a result of Israel’s recent attacks.

“More than 75 Palestinian children and women have died. They have attacked the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, also the holy mosque of Al Aqsa,” he said. 

The event was organised by Guarena Mayor Luis Figueroa, who reiterated the federal government’s commitment to Palestinians. 

Figueroa said his city would soon inaugurate a square in honor of the Palestinian people.