An Open Letter to Tuanku YDP Agong

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Daulat Tuanku!

Your Majesty,

All of Allah’s blessings be upon you, as you hear this request from your humble rakyat.

We are in a worrying political situation. We are about to crown a dubious man as our Prime Minister in the not-too-distant future.

At an event at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur recently, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had openly spoken up about a conversation he had with Your Majesty.

He told his audience that the Agong said: “I pardoned you not because of the legal allocation under my power alone, but because I am confident you are innocent, Anwar, and there was travesty or miscarriage of justice. I had to do my duty as a King, to stop this injustice towards you since 1998 till 2018.”

According to Anwar, his immediate response to the Agong was: “Your Majesty, this is a very serious statement from you. You are now saying that the judiciary, attorney general’s prosecution, investigation, was all compromised, to fix me up.”

Then he claimed that the Agong said: “Yes, I’m telling you the truth. If you want to, you can tell tonight in your lecture.”


So dear Tuanku, please, I beg for Your Majesty to confirm that you did say this to him.

If you indeed had said this, I humbly urge Your Majesty to quickly order the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI} to investigate the alleged travesty of justice against Anwar since 1998.

Please set this up sooner rather than later, because if you do it after Anwar becomes PM, Anwar will be accused of being vindictive, taking revenge on the people whom he blames for his alleged persecution and incarceration.

If there is no further action on the part of Your Majesty, it could only mean one thing, that is Anwar had made up the conversation with you.

In other words, Anwar is a blatant liar.

It has to be one or the other.

It is simply impossible for the nation to now have Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister if Your Majesty actually believed he had abused his powers to jail an innocent man.

And if that were not the case, why do we want a blatant liar who manipulates and is even willing to throw the Agong’s name for his advantage, to be our next Prime Minister?

A big question of integrity

We must uphold the Rule of Law, Your Majesty.

Anwar’s claim raises another big question on your integrity, Your Majesty.

Because if you believed he was innocent back then, why didn’t you say anything all these while? Why only say this behind closed doors?

Although you were not the Agong then, you’re still a member of the royalty. You’re above politics but jailing an innocent man should be above politics too.

I refuse to believe what Anwar said because I refuse to believe Malaysia has an Agong that has no integrity. I’m not believing Anwar on this. But I seriously hope that Your Majesty will clarify or confirm Anwar’s claims.

We, the Rakyat, need Your Majesty’s leadership more than ever, so I urge you do the right thing.

Please confirm that you said such things to Anwar so that we know we are not putting a blatant liar and manipulator as our Prime Minister.

Make everyone accountable for their actions

And if indeed you said what you said, please go after the persons responsible, starting with Mahathir, two former inspectors-general of police, the attorney-general, the witnesses and the entire judicial system that did this to an innocent man. An innocent rakyat.

Please go after Mahathir now if he had indeed abused his power to jail an innocent man.

The Rakyat cannot keep on being lied to, whether by Mahathir or Anwar.

Please also clear this question about Your Majesty’s integrity, that Anwar brought up indirectly. That is of utmost importance.

Should you feel that the contents of this letter inappropriate of a rakyat to ask of you, Tuanku may charge me and I will humbly serve my time in prison for that is more acceptable to me than having a Prime Minister who lied to the rakyat.

One of them must have been lying to the rakyat.

Please, Tuanku. I beg you to clarify and do the right thing.

Daulat Tuanku.

– Mujahidin Zulkiffli