Over 600 Malaysians registered with the Embassy of Malaysia in Myanmar

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb. 2 — There are over 600 Malaysians currently registered with the Embassy of Malaysia in Yangon, Myanmar, where most of them comprise businessmen and professionals working with various companies, and quite a number of them are with their families, said Malaysia’s embassy in Myanmar.

The embassy advised all Malaysians in Myanmar to remain calm, vigilant, and continue to adhere to the safety advisories of the local authorities with regards to the ongoing security situation in the country.

“A few Malaysians have called the embassy for advice since this morning (yesterday) (on the ongoing security situation in Myanmar) and the embassy has responded accordingly”, the embassy said in a reply statement to Bernama yesterday night via email.

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Commenting further, the embassy said the situation in Yangon remains calm until now, with the Yangon International Airport closed for both international and domestic operations until further notice.

“The embassy is still gathering information on other parts of the country,” the embassy said.

International media reported that Myanmar’s powerful military had taken control of the country in a coup and declared a state of emergency for a year, followed by the detention of political leaders and other senior government officials on claims of alleged voting irregularities in the country’s election in November 2020.

According to the Malaysian embassy in the same (reply) statement (to Bernama), there was a disruption to mobile Internet since 5.30 am yesterday which has been restored by mid-day, while the banking sector ceased operations due to limited Internet activity.

“However, in mid-day, people were seen queuing at the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs),” it added.

For consular assistance and emergency matters, the Embassy of Malaysia in Yangon can be contacted at +95 9 772 220 230 or email [email protected]


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