Police personnel living beyond their means will be questioned – Bukit Aman

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — It has been reported that a few police officers and staff are living beyond their means as they drive expensive cars and go overseas to play golf, Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) director, Datuk Zamri Yahya said.

Some even take to social media to flaunt their wealth, showing off their luxury cars and houses, that it is questionable if their lavish lifestyle is consistent with their source of income including salary. 

As such, he said the department is monitoring the trend closely to curb misconducts such as abuse of power among its staff and to maintain police integrity. 

“I was told that some members often play golf and bet on their games. A single golf outing at a typical standard golf course is going to cost about RM200 …so in a month how much will that work up to?


“And when we check on their positions and income, their expenditure pattern is not consistent with the salary that they earn,’ he told Bernama recently.

In this regard, we have identified those involved and they would be asked to give an explanation on their source of income and how they manage to live a luxurious life.

“If they can’t justify, they will face further action,” he said.

He said as a civil servant and a member of a uniformed body, they should avoid any misconduct that could affect police public image.

Zamri added that the department was also paying close attention to police functions

He said functions organised at the Bukit Aman contingent level were funded by government allocations and as only a limited amount is allowed, additional funds were needed from unofficial sources, at times.

In seeking contribution from unofficial sources the personnel involved are exposed to corrupt practices.  

“For example, if they manage to secure sponsorship from some entertainment outlets or nightclubs, the officers would be obligated, and would not take action against these outlet owners should they commit any offence in future,” he said.


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