KKMM’s Sebenarnya.my countering fake news, especially on COVID-19

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 – In this era of digital technology where the latest information is at the fingertips, fake news or unverified reports are being circulated widely to the extent of causing uneasiness among the public.

Developed by the MCMC, the sebenarnya.my portal is for the public to check the authenticity of news spread through social websites, curb the spread of false news and to ensure that they received genuine news.

The relevant information is gathered, analysed, validated and uploaded to the portal for public reference. Since its inception, the portal has identified and debunked tens of thousands of false news items of public interest being spread in the country.

The portal focuses on local news or issues of public interest that can be verified by the official channels of government agencies as it relies solely on official verification or refutation made by the respective authoritative bodies within their jurisdiction

In a climate where sharing fake news has become commonplace, KKMM believes it is important to rely only on trustworthy and strong-willed fact-checking services to vet information, which is where Sebenarnya.my comes into play. User empowerment and advocacy are also key in fostering public awareness on fake news as well as cultivating the practice of checking and verifying a news item

The portal has recorded over 203 million hits since it was set up in March 2017, with an average 4.8 million hits a month. It has also received over 11,000 tip-offs from the public on suspicious information or news that has not been verified, serving its purpose and revealing to KKMM that the public are now more sensitive and aware of the risk of fake news.