KKMM works hard to develop digitally skilled community – Saifuddin

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KUALA LUMPUR,  Nov 23  –The government has to work harder in developing a digitally skilled community to be ‘digital native’ and interact digitally, said Minister of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said today.

He said the reason being that it is a source of energy for the country’s progress and to be competitive with other countries, especially in the context of future industries.

“In this regard, in addition to the need to expedite the Internet connectivity and capabilities of the community in terms of owning suitable devices, the community also needs to be strengthened in terms of migration to the digital world, mastery of the latest technology and awareness of disinformation, cyber security and positive membership in various forms of digital community.

“KKMM plays a role in building the digital community eco-system by accelerating migration to the digital world for those who have not ventured into it, improving digital skills for those who have ventured into it and further enhancing digital access for those who already have the skills,” he said in a post on his Facebook account.

He said KKMM also played a role in boosting local talents, implementing the ‘Smart Society’ programme among the grassroots community, making  the community aware of disinformation and cyber security and activating membership in the Digital Community.

In  that context, he said KKMM will optimise the use of the 1,101 Community Internet Centres (PIK)  throughout the country.


“Apart from that, we will also embrace the role of KKMM agencies such as the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), MYNIC and Cyber ​​Security Malaysia (CSM)…hopefully we can develop the Local Community in tandem and in harmony with the Digital Community,” he added.

According to Saifuddin, the Local Community refers to those who live and work physically in an area, while the Digital Community refers to  those who are physically and digitally in an area.

“KKMM is making efforts to enhance communication initiatives, for example in terms of COVID-19 communication strategy. 

Among its focus is on how to improve the quality of communication with the community, especially at the grassroots level, namely by using the community empowerment’ approach.

“By taking into account the dynamics of the community and in line with the establishment of the National Digital Council and 4IR, chaired by the Prime Minister, the community should be seen from a broader perspective, that there are now two forms of community, namely Local Community and Digital Community,” he said. 

Saifuddin said in that regard, there are programmes and activities for the development of the Local Community at the grassroots level, such as district, sub-district, housing estate, village and longhouses , that need to be rejuvenated.

“This is because the country has long needed to strengthen its leadership at the third level, namely the local government, district or grassroots  that can enhance the participation of the people in more mature democratic practices.


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