April 24, 2024

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Indonesia positive COVID-19 cases exceed 190,000


JAKARTA, Sept 5 — Indonesia records 3,128 new COVID-19 positive cases in 24 hours bringing the overall positive cases in the republic currently to 190,665 cases.

Based on the data uploaded on the official website of the government of Indonesia on COVID-19, www.covid19.go.id today, 86,778 more patients were still being monitored for the virus.


For the period from 12 noon yesterday until 12 noon today, 108 more deaths occurred, making the total cumulative deaths now at 7,940 people.

The province of Jakarta recorded the highest overall positive cases in the republic, namely, 45,157 cases with an additional 877 new cases.

The province of East Jawa recorded the highest overall death toll at 2,515 people, followed by Jakarta (1,265), Central Jawa (1,076), South Sulawesi (370) and the rest in the other regions in Indonesia.