June 20, 2024

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Anwar contradicts Loke and Khalid; the real liar must quit politics for good


EDITORIAL, JUNE 22 – The real liar must be exposed! PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim contradicted Antony Loke and Khalid Samad’s earlier joint-statement when he said former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir did not agree with Pakatan Harapan’s motion to put him as Prime Minister candidate should the government changes hands again, in a live video on social media yesterday.

In their statement last Friday, Loke and Samad suggested that Tun Mahathir agreed with Anwar being Prime Minister.

“The “Option 1″ (with Anwar as Prime Minister) could only muster 96 MPs support; 91 from Pakatan Harapan (38 from PKR, 42 DAP and 11 Amanah) and another 5 including Tun Mahathir and his 4 ex-Bersatu MPs,” the statement said.

Loke had earlier came out in the open to say that it was Warisan who rejected Option 1, and insisted on Option 2 (with Tun Mahathir as Prime Minister). Loke also claimed to have been part of most of the top leaders’ meetings over the past few weeks.

Anwar claims Mahathir disagreed

All these are suddenly refuted by Anwar when he suggested that Tun Mahathir disagreed with Option 1.

“In the meeting, I was the chair, I heard it myself,

“This is our decision (Anwar as Prime Minister), asking Tun Mahathir to agree,

“Tun Mahathir didn’t agree because he really wants to be Prime Minister for the third time,” says Anwar in the video.

So who’s lying?

So who’s really telling the truth and who’s blatantly lying to the public?

Are these politicians not beholden to their pledge of being honest leaders?

Are these contradictions not a call for concern?

Are these not a question of honesty among those held high by the Pakatan Harapan supporters?

And yet another lie

Another question of honesty is when Loke and Samad stated the meeting on May 30 which was chaired by Anwar himself had decided that if Option 1 (Anwar as PM) fails after exhausting all efforts, Option 2 (Tun Mahathir as PM) will take place.

They also mentioned that Anwar has failed to muster the support from GPS and the timeframe agreed for Option 1 had passed.

Anwar’s own speech contradicted with Loke and Samad.

“So there were some that believed Tun Mahathir could get the numbers, until today yet to obtain, the numbers are not there yet. But they believed, ‘if we give the support, he can get the numbers, and with that, then you can be lifted up’,

“But we differed in opinion, because I said, I cannot accept because I am not confident this is the best for the country, for the people, for reforms, for the judiciary, for the media, for the anti-corruption programme and especially the country’s economy, to want to stop cronyism, enriching a small group.

“All that I am not confident that in six months, we can pursue such matters, and this is a big duty. Especially at the end of the year, we expect one million unemployed in our country, so it needs a big effort,” said Anwar.

Will the real liar please stand up?

So again, who’s lying to the public here? Will the real liar please stand up?

Are the real liars DAP and Amanah leaders (Loke and Samad) or is it the man they are backing (or not) to be Prime Minister, Anwar?

Perhaps the supporters of Pakatan Harapan should call them out, ask them to be honest and stop lying to the people.

Whoever lied must be exposed, and the real liar should be asked to quit politics for good.

Won’t be the first from Anwar

NMT had in the past questioned Anwar’s honesty especially when it comes to Tun Mahathir.

Anwar had openly said in interviews following his release from jail after receiving a royal pardon in May 2018, that Mahathir had apologised to him.

BBC’s Zeinab Badawi had previously quoted Anwar for saying; “Mahathir has proven his tenacity, accepted past limitations, apologised and sacrificed his time and energy to raise the dignity of the people and the country.”

However, Mahathir told BBC that he had never apologised for whatever happened between 1998 and 1999, which saw Anwar eventually being jailed for what the former deputy prime minister had always said were politically-motivated charges. Mahathir reminded that it was the courts and not himself that sentenced Anwar to jail.

Caught lying, Anwar later changed his story, and turned the tables on the media instead, claiming that he had never asked for an apology from Mahathir, NST reported.

“I have never asked him to apologise. I have always been firm that I am satisfied with his demeanour and readiness to work with me. Forget the past and move on. It is you (the media) who are demanding forgiveness, or the BBC.”

Do we want a liar to be our Prime Minister?

Since Pakatan Harapan been selling honesty and integrity for years, their supporters must ask whether they would want a liar to be their Prime Minister.

They have been calling the Perikatan Nasional leaders many names including liars, so condoning a liar to be their Prime Minister candidate is just as hypocritically-good as accepting Perikatan Nasional as the current government.

By Mujahidin Zulkiffli, NMT