May 22, 2024

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Proton cars spotted in Netflix’s Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth


KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 – Netflix’s latest action flick starring Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth used a range of cars in its action scenes in Bangladesh and among them are Proton cars.

Currently the number 1 trending film on Netflix for Malaysians, keeping subscribers under the country’s Movement Control Order talking about the movie on social media.

Proton models spotted in the movie are Saga, Savvy and Satria Neo.

During multiple action scenes, the lead actor is seen shooting rogue cops and military right next to Proton cars.

In one scene, the headlight of Proton Satria Neo was spotted to the right of Chris Hemsworth.

Satria Neo is a cult-classic among some Malaysians, for it’s sporty look and Lotus Engineering handling. It was rumored that even the Sultan of Johor owns at least one.

The car appears in the film multiple times, especially in a long action shooting scenes on a bridge and in a town.

There is a scene of Bangladeshi rogue enforcement military shooting at Chris Hemsworth where the back of a Satria Neo is seen.

In one of the scenes near the bridge that spotted the Satria Neo, a silver-colored Proton Saga appeared at the right of the screen next to a tuk-tuk.

The Saga can also be spotted in a scene where a helicopter was flying off.

In this one, Chris Hemsworth was seen shooting his enemies behind a silver Saga.

Last but not least, an unexpected Savvy also made an appearance alongside Chris Hemsworth.

The film has received mixed-reviews from international critics, with the heaviest critics coming from Bangladesh for the film’s negative portraying of the country’s law enforcement and military.

It also received critics for using ‘yellow filter’, a way Hollywood filmmakers use to portray a third world country or sometimes hot-climate country.