July 16, 2024

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Walkout on Anwar at PKR Congress


MELAKA, Dec 7 – Pro PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali supporters have staged a massive walkout in front of party President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

A source from team Penggerak (commonly known as Kartel among pro-Anwar camp) told NMT that the walkout is done in protest of Anwar reneging on certain points agreed in earlier reconciliation meeting.

Anwar is said to have stacked speakers friendly to his camp, against what was agreed earlier.

This is seen as reneging on agreement made and will further divide the party.

Big guns seen joining the walkout

Among politicians seen leaving are Tian Chua, Maria Chin and Ali Biju.

Balik! Balik! Balik!

As the pro-Azmin supporters walked out on their president, chants of ‘Balik! Balik! Balik!’ were heard.

“Anwar and his team should not have insulted us!

“We came to celebrate the rapprochement, we came in peace but his supporters insulted us in their speeches.

“Are they sincere in having reconciliation?” said one of the delegates outside the hall.

Walkout leaving near empty hall

It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the delegates have left the hall.

Black-shirt team seen outside the hall

The team wearing black-shirts that caused commotion and ruckus as reported by various media yesterday are seen to linger outside the hall today.

They were not allowed to enter the hall without congress passes.