All should learn to be colorblind to race

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In this era of modernism and technology advancement, thereʼs something seriously lacking in our moral compass, maybe itʼs the decades old education, race based politics and the divisiveness of our society. Iʼm a Malaysian first and then I identify as whatever race I am deemed to be based on my skin color.

The recent spat on quota based matriculation, the need to still give Bumiputras the leg up, the need to constantly pamper and constantly feed them and then, leave the crumbs for those who donʼt have other choices. Letʼs be honest here, Malaysia is 60% or more Malays and Iʼm pretty sure the number for Muslim Malaysians is a lot higher.

We forget that being a Muslim doesnʼt mean that you are a Malay, but itʼs so deeply ingrained in our mindset that we fail to recognize that you can be one or the other as well. Race based policies have already crippled us long enough that we are now on the point of being petty.

Race and religious pettiness

Iʼm an ‘Amoi’ and dating a Muslim. But Iʼve been having some interesting conversations on this aspect. First-off was the second named-driver, where the insurance agent felt the need to personally confirmed that, ‘betul ke Miss nak letak nama Melayu tu?’ There wasnʼt any need to confirm that and itʼs funnier that she has a very skeptical tone to it.

On the other hand, thereʼs also my non-Muslims friends concern about not being able to consume pork and booze. Yes, there has been a lot of forehead palm moments. But I canʼt get over the fact and the obsession about pigs!

Peddling pork also made an issue

There was a recent posting on Facebook by a senior management in a GLC on this vendor peddling pork from this vehicle boot. I would like to think that he was highlighting it because it was illegal to do it in a non-commercially registered vehicle. However, that was not the issue.

The contention of the post was highlighting that pork peddling should be made illegal. And the comments on the post, had left much to be desired. Other senior management also took turns to make snide comments and calling for authorities to clamp down on these pork peddlers.

Well, the guy was trying to make an honest way of living. How is that wrong? Had it been a Malay/Muslim peddling would it warrant the same treatment? Iʼve read comments saying we should ‘halalkan rezeki’ as the poor is trying to make a living. How is that different now that the wares are different?

Recognize simple rights

There has to be a need to recognize the rights of other non-Muslims and non-Melayus, and yes, this includes their rights to buy non-halal products.

There is nothing wrong in peddlers hoping to sell their products in the market, whether itʼs legal or illegal, thatʼs what the authorities should be concerned with and not whether is it legal or illegal to sell non-halal products.

Second, the need for double standards should end. We are all Malaysians and every single Malaysian deserve the chance to earn a honest living wages through honest means. There are bigger issues on corruption and embezzlement, letʼs solve those first rather than those peddling pork!

Third, stop all race based policies and have policies that will help those who are poor and destitute and not because the are Bumiputra or Muslims. The poor and destitute donʼt choose their race or religion, so why can’t we all learn to be color-blind to this?

-Amoi Malaysia