Anwar’s asset RM10.7M; But didn’t he mortgage Istana Segambut for GE14?

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 – PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today declared his assets to MACC and among his assets are his Bukit Segambut house (commonly known as Istana Bukit Segambut) worth today about RM9.5 million.

Rafizi had previously attacked Azmin Ali for not helping in raising funds for GE14 and said Anwar and family mortgaged their Bukit Segambut house for RM4 million bank loan. (MKini)

Wan Azizah later on defended Azmin by saying he did help, but also said that the family did mortgage the house. (MKini)

A question may be asked since it’s now a mortgaged property, how can its value still be RM9.5 million? Should it not be less the mortgage taken? Or perhaps the asset declaration are not referring to Net Worth.

Blogger revealed Istana Segambut not mortgaged as claimed

Blogger Hussein Abdul Hamid in November 2018 revealed a Property Title Search that showed that there had NOT been any mortgage on the property since 2005. The title search was done in November 2018. (SteadyAku47)

So unless Anwar had paid off the mortgage between GE14 and November 2018, it is valid to ask if they even mortgaged the house to raise funds for GE14 in the first place?

Or if they had paid it off so quickly, where did they get the money so soon?

Nevertheless, a title search should show that there was a mortgage taken in between. Earlier mortgages details are stated in the document.

Anwar should show proof of mortgage

Since Hussein raised the issue in November 2018, NMT had not seen any reports of Anwar or Wan Azizah addressing the question.

Perhaps it is best to address whether Anwar took out a bank loan for the house as claimed, as the country would not accept liars as Deputy Prime Minister or Prime Minister.


Title Search Segambut
Photo credit to SteadyAku47 blog
Photo credit to SteadyAku47 blog
Photo credit to SteadyAku47 blog