Temos REVOKED Top Glove TGGD clinic’s accreditation

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KUALA LUMPUR, January 8 – Dr Claudia Mika, Founder and CEO of Temos International confirmed to NMT that Top Glove Global Doctors (TGGD) Medical and Dental Clinic’s Temos accreditation had been revoked since November 13, 2018.

“I herewith confirm that we had to revoke TGGD Medical and Dental Center’s Temos certificate. This took place on 13 November 2018.” said Dr Mika in an email response to NMT.

The Temos founder and CEO refused to disclose the reason for the revocation citing their policy on business ethics and confidentiality, however her statement lead us to believe that there was a breach, violation or non-compliance to Temos standards.

“In general, our Terms and Conditions as well as our Accreditation Participation Requirements clearly define the rules for accreditation and cooperation. Breaches and violation of these contractually agreed rules and/or non-compliance with the Temos standards must finally result in a withdrawal.” she added in her email reply.

TGGD Accreditation Revoked

Temos Accreditation REVOKED just after a year

In August 2017, TGGD was launched in a move for the world’s largest glove maker to make a foray into the healthcare business through a joint venture (JV) with Global Doctors, a clinic chain. (TheEdgeMarkets)

“TGGD is to cater to our staff, community as well as our foreign workers for their healthcare. Our main business will still be [in making] gloves,” said Top Glove executive chairman Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai. About RM2 million has been invested in TGGD, a relatively small amount for now,” Top Glove Chairman Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai was quoted by TheEdgeMarkets.

NMT have written to Top Glove for explanation on the revocation of Temos accreditation, although we do not expect a reply since they wouldn’t reply us previously when we asked them for their Chairman’s appointment letter to the board of Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Embroiled in reports of worker rights abuse

There have been multiple reports of Top Glove’s worker rights abuse lately with the latest being raised again by Ansell last week.

Its chairman Glenn Barnes was quoted by ABC News as saying Ansell would dump any supplier found to be exploiting workers. (FMT)

NGO says Top Glove worker abuse is nothing new
Rani Rasiah

FMT reported recently that activist Rani Rasiah from the Right to Redress (R2R) coalition of NGOs said the alleged worker rights abuse at Top Glove was the “tip of the iceberg”.

“What was recently exposed about Top Glove wasn’t at all surprising to us. We were not shocked. We have, for a long time, asked the government to urgently formulate a policy but we haven’t had much success,” Rani said.