July 16, 2024

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Mahathir files RM150 million defamation suit against Anwar


Kuala Lumpur, May 5 — Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has filed a defamation lawsuit against current Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for RM150 million ($35.7 million USD).

The lawsuit was filed through Messrs Law Practice of Rafique at the Shah Alam High Court on May 3, with Anwar named as the sole defendant.

In his statement of claim, Mahathir stated that during a special congress on March 18, Anwar had made several defamatory statements that aimed to tarnish the plaintiff’s reputation.

The event, dubbed “Kongres Nasional Khas Malaysia Madani: Pelaksanaan Sebuah Idealisme,” was held at the Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam.


Mahathir claimed that Anwar’s speech contained false accusations that he had amassed wealth for himself, his children and family members, and had given special treatment or priority to high-ranking individuals.

He further stated that these statements were untrue and had damaged his image as a statesman and two-time prime minister.

Mahathir is seeking RM50 million ($11.9 million USD) in general damages and RM100 million ($23.8 million USD) in exemplary damages, as well as an apology and an order for Anwar to immediately retract all defamatory remarks.

The event was broadcast on Facebook Live via the account “Anwar Ibrahim” and PKR’s YouTube channel, and media reports on the event had also been widely circulated on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

The case management has been scheduled for May 31. This is not the first time the two politicians have clashed, as they have had a complicated history spanning decades, including a power struggle that led to Mahathir’s resignation in 2020.