July 24, 2024

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7 in 10 Malays in Peninsular Malaysia dissatisfied with govt, survey finds


Kuala Lumpur, Feb 26 — About 71 per cent of Malay respondents in Peninsular Malaysia were dissatisfied with the new government’s fulfilment of the 15th general election manifesto, according to a survey by social engagement centre O2 Malaysia.

This was in stark comparison with the average population, with 51 per cent of respondents overall saying they felt dissatisfied with the government.

The survey also showed that overall, 25 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with the government. In comparison, only 15 per cent of Malays in Peninsular Malaysia said they felt that way.

In contrast, ethnic Chinese respondents reported 38 per cent of satisfaction with the government fulfilling its manifesto, along with 48 per cent of ethnic Indians, 42 per cent of Bumiputera in Sabah, 37 per cent of Bumiputera in Sarawak, and 33 per cent of others.

Despite the survey results, the coalition government led by Anwar Ibrahim did not campaign together with a common manifesto.

Formed by an alliance of Pakatan Harapan, Barisan Nasional, Gabungan Parti Sarawak and Gabungan Rakyat Sarawak, all four had campaigned separately with their own manifesto.

The survey also said that 45 per cent of respondents felt the country was moving in the right direction.


The same survey also identified the 10 most outstanding ministers with Transport Minister Anthony Loke topping the list. He received 49 per cent of the votes.

Anwar, who is also the finance minister, stood in second place (40 per cent) followed by Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh (39 per cent).

Following behind Yeoh were Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming (34 per cent) and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Datuk Seri Azalina Othman (33 per cent).

The remaining five of the top ten were reported to be: Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil (30 per cent), Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu (28 per cent), and Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub (27 per cent), with International Trade Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz and Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek at a tie with 26 per cent each.

The survey was held in conjunction with the 100 days of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his administration, slated for March 4.

It involved 35,077 respondents through five media outlets: Sinar Harian, Awani, The Star, Sin Chew, and Malaysia Nanban.

The poll also showed that 76 per cent of Chinese and Indians felt that the country was going in the right direction, along with 59 per cent of Bumiputera in Sabah, 60 per cent of Bumiputera in Sarawak and 58 per cent of other races.

On the other hand, 60 per cent of Malays in peninsular Malaysia reportedly felt that the current state of the country was weak.

In comparison, 41 per cent of Chinese respondents reportedly felt that the current state of the country was strong, along with 49 per cent of Indians, 43 per cent of Bumiputera in Sabah, 45 per cent of Bumiputera in Sarawak, and 39 per cent of other ethnicities.

The survey said its aim was to review the sentiment of Malaysians with regard to the performance and popularity of the coalition government after GE15.