Number of flood evacuees in Perak and Johor remains, increase in Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu

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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 — There is no change in the number of flood victims in Perak and Johor since last night, while Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu showed an increase this morning.

According to the Secretariat of the Perak Disaster Management Committee (JPBN), there are 134 victims from 31  families at the relief centre (PPS) at Dewan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Abd Rahman Talib (SMART) as of 8 am today.

Based on the weather forecast by the Malaysian Meteorology Department, a thunderstorm is predicted for the whole of Perak in the evening, and rain at night in Hilir Perak.

In JOHOR, the total number of flood victims at the PPS at Balai Raya Kampung Batu Badak in Segamat remains at 27 people, involving nine families from Kampung Seberang Batu Badak and Kampung Batu 5 Segamat who were evacuated following overflowing of water from Sungai Muar due to heavy rain.

Based on the data from the  Drainage and IrrigationDepartment, the water level of the Muar River in Kampung Awat, Segamat, has exceeded the warning level with a reading of 19.88 metres, while the Muar River in Buloh Kasap, Segamat, is at the warning level of 8.94 metres, and Sungai Sembrong in Batu Pahat at alert level with a reading of 10.06 metres.


In PAHANG, the JPBN Secretariat said that the number of flood victims at the 11 PPS operating in the state increased to 573 people this morning, compared to 561 people last night.

Temerloh district recorded the highest number of flood victims, with 383 people in a PPS, followed by Lipis (two PPS, 89 victims), Raub (five PPS, 53 victims), Jerantut (one PPS, 20 victims) and Bera (two PPS, 28 victims).

The JPBN Pahang Secretariat also reported that the water in two rivers in the state has passed the danger level, namely Sungai Triang in Bera and Sungai Pahang in Lubuk Paku, Maran, while four others are at the warning level, including Sungai Belat in Kuantan.

The Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Raub this morning, while other districts affected by floods are predicted to experience thunderstorms in several areas today.

In KELANTAN,  1,157 people from 376 families are at five PPS in Rantau Panjang, in the Pasir Mas district, namely at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tok Deh (590 people), SK Gual Periok (323), Masjid Mukim Padang Licin (46), PPS Putat Tujoh (83) and SK Kubang Kual (115). 

In TERENGGANU, the number of flood victims increased to 659 people, involving 168 families, compared to 593 people from 151 families last night, with a total of 11 PPS operating.

The Terengganu JPBN Secretariat in a statement stated that Kemaman district is the most affected with a total of 305 victims at four PPS, namely in Kuala Nerus (216 people in two PPS), Kuala Terengganu (92 people at two PPS), Dungun (42 people at two PPS) and Setiu (four people at one PPS).

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