Ismail Sabri’s weasel-words mislead rakyat, lack credibility

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Letter to Editor, October 11 2022

In a recent statement, caretaker PM Ismail Sabri, in response to criticism about his decision to dissolve the 14th Parliament irrationally, attempted to justify it by instead blaming his predecessor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, and the Perikatan Nasional Coalition.

Ismail’s accusation reeks of cowardice by giving a twisted, distorted view of the latest boogeyman theory, designed to deflect attention from his incompetence, weakness, and failures.

Faced with credible evidence of political misconduct, Umno politicians have become addicted to manipulating the “political stability” card, often saying one thing and doing another, further examples of their eroding credibility, paranoia, and complete lack of morals.

First and foremost, it is disappointing to see a Prime Minister slander his own cabinet colleagues, without whose support he would never have attained his 15 seconds of fame to peddle his Keluara Malaysia rhetorics.

That is never the way one would expect a Prime Minister to conduct themselves. As the public understands it, the letter written to the King was to avert an election during floods, not withdraw support for the PM.

Ismail Sabri

Ismail Sabri’s galling decision to dissolve parliament to make way for the 15th general election at a time of unpredictable environmental disasters and millions facing economic hardship is nothing short of heinous and irresponsible.

He has already made clear in his short tenure as Prime Minister that he lacks the vision and strength of will to carry out the necessary changes to put Malaysia back on the path of growth.

It is indeed difficult to present yourself as fresh and energizing when your political party has held power for decades with no real contribution, and is saddled with allegations of corruption, mismanagement, and poor performance.

Ismail Sabri showed himself to be no different; picking ideas up from the cutting room floor (1Malaysia/Keluarga Malaysia) and sniping at fellow cabinet members while desperately trying to convince the public that his brand is meaningfully different from what came before. (think Najib)

Ismail and his Umno cohorts are already sagging under the weight of such pressures; from milquetoast economic policies to constant politicking.

The rakyat have seen enough and are raring to put an end to it.

There is no better way to repudiate pretenders like these than to expose them to the scrutiny of the electorate. UMNO looks set for electoral wipe-out and it will be the will of the people that ensures that.


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