Temple clashes are heinous but not racial

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While I vehemently condemn the act, this is the time for us to use our wisdom to analyse the situation and to act rationally.

The pre-dawn clashes at the Seafield Maha Mariamman Temple is atrocious and horrifying.

The incident should not have happened in the first place as negotiations are still ongoing between various parties.

While I understand that emotions are running high, we really need to refrain from fashioning the clashes as a racial riot between the Indians and Malays.

We must wait for police investigations to be completed as there is a possibility that the thugs were hired by the developer. Even this remains only a hunch.

I commend the police for swiftly detaining seven men over the clashes. But there were close to 100 armed thugs that stormed the temple and attacked men and women using machetes and sticks.

Many have been injured and it’s been reported that two men are in hospital.

And scores of vehicles have been torched. This is alarming.

The police must therefore round up these thugs and charge everyone responsible for this heinous act in court for if left unchecked this incident has the propensity to create racial tension, especially coming at the heels of the ICERD debate.

I once again ask everyone to not speculate or blow the incident out of proportion.

It’s at times like this that we need to remain focused, respect each other and hold strong to our core values that make Malaysia peaceful and harmonious.

– Charles Santiago
Member of Parliament Klang

*This is a Press Statement by Member of Parliament for Klang Charles Santiago on 26 November 2018 at Parliament

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