Anwar is almost certain that his next lie will be the one to fix everything

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24 November 2021

Prime minister wannabe and clueless Opposition leader, The Questionable Anwar Ibrahim, finally faced the media yesterday, looking surprisingly confident while facing questions regarding his latest muck up, in a string of failures.

In the recently concluded Melaka State Elections, Pakatan Harapan, under his Chairman-ship, only managed to obtain 5 out of 28 seats contested and his own party was totally wiped, even losing its deposit in one or two instances.

Calls have been growing for him to step aside and let a new, untainted generation of leaders take charge.

Whilst the results of the Melaka elections were being announced, Anwar was reportedly in Sarawak, seeking to lobby for more seats for his formidable party in the upcoming Sarawak state elections.

It has been suggested that the reason Anwar was able to maintain this level of smug confidence to the media is that he is fairly confident that the next lie he tells will be the one to fix EVERYTHING, from oil prices to climate change.


Brushing aside and downplaying all criticism, Anwar said they were merely opinions, unlike his very valid and founded claims(innumerable) of having the numbers to form the government.

According to a well-placed source, it was revealed that the Strategic-Genius plans to stifle all criticism against him for his actions as a failure by coming up with a new lie, one that will most likely include denial(s) of his previous lies being lies; thereby throwing everyone off the scent of the original lie, which wasn’t a lie.

The aforementioned plan is to be paired with a foolproof tactic of ‘misremembering’ statements and/or actions, which he can then throw at whoever is the one leading the criticism against him, intentionally angering journalists, political opponents, and the Malaysian public in general.

According to the source, the forever bridesmaid ie Anwar had told staffers that, “the best choice in this situation is to come up with a new lie. This next one has to be the one that does it, I don’t see how lying wouldn’t work. I mean if not the next one, it will be the one after that surely? There is no way this could fail again.

Also revealed was that a doomsday ‘Plan B’ has been put in place, in case all other plans somehow fail.

The backup plan includes immediate deployment of emergency photo-ops, chats with Turkish President Erdogan, and an express drive to Port Dickson; all of which his office is confident would defuse any anger he could possibly be facing.

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