April 16, 2024

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BDS Malaysia commends government for speaking out against Israel


Kuala Lumpur, Sept 29 — The Malaysian arm of a Palestinian-led movement that promotes boycotts against Israeli interests expressed its commendation towards the Malaysian government for speaking out against the apartheid-like crimes being committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians at the 76th United Nations General Assembly.

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Malaysia said that this issue was not only raised by Malaysia’s permanent Ambassador to the UN during the roundtable discussion commemorating the 2001 Durban declaration but also by Dato Seri Ismail Sabri during his inaugural speech at the UN General Assembly.

BDS Malaysia hopes that Malaysia’s move will convince the international community to take appropriate action against Israel, including boycotting the country until all its apartheid policies and actions against Palestinians are abolished,” it said in a statement.


According to BDS Malaysia, similar steps were taken by the international community against South Africa in the past when the country was practicing apartheid policies towards its black population.

BDS Malaysia further called on Malaysia to be firmly against any Muslim country that implements a policy of normalization towards Israel, especially countries that are not neighbors of Israel such as the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan.

Normalization of relations with Israel while the apartheid regime continues to commit crimes against humanity towards Palestinians, including the killing of innocent Palestinian women and children as well as seizing their lands, is totally unacceptable,” it added.

In this regard, BDS Malaysia urged the Malaysian government to withdraw its participation at the Dubai Expo, which is scheduled to begin on October 1, as a sign of protest against the UAE’s decision to normalize relations with Israel.