Police detain 10 individuals, seize drugs worth more than RM1 million

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JOHOR BAHRU, Sept 17 — Police have confiscated 25.2 kilograms (kg) of heroin and 14 kg of ecstasy powder valued at more than RM1 million in a special operation involving seven separate drugs raids around Johor Bahru and Iskandar Puteri two days ago.

Johor police chief, Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said in the raids last Wednesday which began at 1.45 pm and ended at 11 pm, police also detained 10 locals believed to be involved in the drug processing and trafficking syndicate.

According to him, the syndicate had used a gated and guarded two-story terrace residential unit in Iskandar Puteri to store and process the illicit substance. 

“In the first raid at the two-story terrace house, police detained a man aged 30 with an unspecific amount of drugs and drug processing paraphernalia. A background check revealed that the man has eight previous records involving drugs and crime.


“Following the raid, police conducted six other separate raids and detained seven men and two women aged between 20 and 34 years old. They all tested negative for drugs. However, five of them had previous records involving crime and drugs,” he said at a press conference here today.

At the press conference, Ayob said besides drugs, police also confiscated the precursor chemicals (substances used to produce synthetic drugs), a machine, and paraphernalia for processing drugs.

He said police also confiscated four cars valued at RM185,000 and three units of jewelry valued at RM9,000. The total amount of confiscated items were valued at RM194,000.

Ayob said 25.2 kg of heroin valued at RM336,000 and 14 kg of ecstasy powder valued at RM700,000 were also confiscated. The amount of drugs seized can be used by a total of 172,666 addicts.

He also said following intelligence work, police found that the syndicate had been in operations since last month and the distribution of the illicit drugs was for local and overseas markets.

“Based on our observation over the past two months, the syndicate is still in the early stage of operations, and based on the tools confiscated we believe that the laboratory is still in the initial stage. The drugs confiscated are in powder form and also cube-shaped. The cube-shaped drugs are normally for the overseas markets while the powder form is for the local market.

“The case is still developing and investigations are ongoing. If there are more, we will carry out follow-up arrests. The mastermind is still on the loose and there are four whom we have already identified and there will be further arrests. They are still in the early stages and we will strike them before they have the chance to operate,” he said.

Ayob added one of the 10 individuals arrested has been remanded for seven days beginning yesterday and will end next Wednesday. The individual is investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries the mandatory death sentence or life imprisonment and whipping while the remaining nine will be investigated under the Dangerous Drugs Act (Special Preventive Measures) 1985.


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