S Korea, Britain to discuss cooperation in defence industry

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SEOUL, June 8 — South Korea and Britain will hold an annual meeting on defence industry cooperation Tuesday to discuss pending issues, including their acquisition plans and joint research development, Yonhap news agency quoted the arms procurement agency.

The meeting is scheduled to be held in the southeastern city of Busan, convened by Seo Hyeung Jin, the Vice Chief of the Defence Acquisition Programme Administration, and Mark Goldsack, the director of Britain’s Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation, on issues ranging from their weapons systems to offset agreement programmes.

The two countries have held such a meeting every year since signing a memorandum of understanding on defence industry cooperation in 1993.

Tuesday’s meeting will also┬ábe joined by six companies from the two countries to discuss cooperation, according to the agency.

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“Britain is a leading country in the defence sector, which has high-level technologies to develop several cutting-edge weapons systems. It is an essential partner for various forms of cooperation, such as joint research and development and technology exchanges,” the agency said in a release.

The meeting comes as South Korea pushes to secure a 30,000-tonne-class light aircraft carrier with its technologies by 2033.

In the second half of the year, Britain’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier will make a port call at Busan to boost “bilateral defence cooperation and friendly exchanges.”


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