Myanmar has not granted US access to detain American journalist

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WASHINGTON, June 4 — The United States has not had access to American journalist Danny Fenster after he was detained by Myanmar’s military junta, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Thursday, according to Sputnik.

Fenster, 37, worked as the managing editor of the Frontier Myanmar news magazine. He was detained on May 24 at Yangon International Airport before he could board a plane to leave the country. It is unknown whether he will face charges.


“We are deeply concerned over the detentions of Daniel Fenster and Nathan Maung, both of whom were working as journalist s in Burma,” Price said in a press briefing. “We’ve pressed the military regime to release them immediately…our consular officers most recently conducted a virtual visit with Nathan Hmong on May 24. We’ve also sought to visit Daniel Fenster, but we haven’t been afforded access to him by regime officials.”

Price said the United States will also continue to press Myanmar’s military junta to release all journalists detained in the country.

Amnesty International recently reported that some 88 journalists have been arrested since the Feb 1 coup in Myanmar. About 33 of them are in hiding and more than half of them are in detention. Two journalists have been injured by gunfire during the unrest.

The military in Myanmar seized control of the nation in a coup d’├ętat on Feb 1, 2021. There have been mass protests since the coup was staged. On the other hand, the military authorities assert that it was justified and vow to transfer power after a new election, the date for which however is yet to be given.


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