Hamas says rejecting normalization of relations between Morocco, Israel

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GAZA, Dec 12 – Palestinian parties are rejecting the establishment of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel while the Hamas Islamist movement views the deal as a political sin, Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassem told Sputnik news agency.

United States President Donald Trump announced late on Thursday that Israel and Morocco had agreed to establish full diplomatic ties and air travel between the two nations.

As part of the peace deal, the two countries will reopen liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv, with subsequent opening of full-fledged embassies.


“The normalisation of relations between Morocco and Israel is a political sin. The Israeli occupation regime is using the process of the normalisation to boost its aggressive policy toward the Palestinian people and to expand the settlements,” Kassem said.

From his point of view, the improvement of relations between Arab countries and Israel is urging the latter to further violate the rights of the Palestinian people.

Several Palestinian parties made a joint statement in which they called Morocco’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with Israel a stab in the back and treason of the Palestinian people.

Morocco has become the fourth Arab country this year to reach an agreement on the normalization of ties with Israel after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.


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