Freshwater shrimp provides alternative income during monsoon

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PERMAISURI, Dec 2 — The monsoon season is the time of the year when fishermen have to find other means to earn their living as it is dangerous for them to go out to the sea. For Mat Adnan Mohd Amin, 59, it is the time of the year for catching freshwater shrimp or glass shrimp, which he said is in abundance in the river during the monsoon season.

He uses a special type of net to catch the shrimp, known as “gogoh”, which is made using bamboo sticks and gunny sack.

“The bait, such as the shrimp bait and coconut flesh, is placed in the gogoh, which is then left overnight in the river. I can get up to 18 kilogrammes of the shrimp when I go to collect the nets the following day,” he said when met by Bernama in Kampung Penarik here.

He said there are about eight fishermen in Kampung Penarik who also catch freshwater shrimp during the monsoon season.

Mat Adnan said he sold the shrimp catch not only to the villagers but also middlemen and market traders, including from outside Setiu, for between RM18 to RM20 per kilogram.

freshwater shrimp

“Every day, at about 7 am, I will go to the river to collect the gogoh nets. Two hours later I will go home with the catch and usually there are buyers waiting at home or have booked a few days in advance,” he said, adding that he has 100 gogoh nets which he made himself.

He said the shrimp is small, but tastier than other shrimps.

“It is sweet and soft,  very tasty even if it is just boiled with palm sugar, with just a pinch of salt,” said Mat Adnan, who is assisted by his wife, Rohani Embon, 58.


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