Serious threats made against Dong Zong; MCMC to assist police

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PRESS STATEMENT BY GOBIND SINGH DEO, Dec 30 – The constitution protects our right to assemble and express ourselves peacefully; if there are groups which threaten others from exercising their right to assemble and express themselves peacefully, action should be taken against them.

In the case of Dong Zong, serious threats were made against them.

I have today checked with MCMC and can confirm that they have forwarded the necessary details required in this case to the police for their further action and that MCMC is ready to assist the police further in any way if required.

The power to prosecute lies with the AG and it is for him to now decide what to do after the police complete their investigations.

I am of the view that action should be taken in this case.

I therefore hope the police and AG will act in this matter as soon as possible.


Puchong MP and Minister of Communications and Multimedia