Melaka DAP leader answers critics over latest “bullying” video

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 – A video showing a Melaka state assemblyman arguing with a senior citizen and loudly asking “Saya YB ke awak YB?” has gone viral since yesterday.

The actions of the Pengkalan Baru rep Norhizam Hassan Baktee has received wide criticism from netizens with some accusing him of bullying the “pakcik”.

The immediate response from Norhizam, who is state DAP deputy chairman, to the video going viral has also rubbed many Malaysians the wrong way.

That is because Norhizam made a video clip of his own, warning off netizens from sharing the video. It was seen as an act of intimidation.

Second viral video exposing Norhizam’s bad behaviour

This is not the first time though that a controversial clip has dogged Norhizam.

A video of him and his aides being hostile against some men, whom he accused of hoarding government-subsidised fertilisers meant for padi farmers at Sungai Rambai in Jasin, went viral last month. The incident was said to have occurred on August 30

“It was the same situation then, when opposition supporters viralled my video, alleging I’m a gangster,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.

Norhizam, who is the Melaka Agriculture, Entrepreneur Development and Agro-based Committee chairman said he will continue his confrontational way of resolving issues.

“I am not a sissy and wouldn’t kowtow to tactic used by my foes to paint a negative¬† picture that I’m a rowdy and loudmouth leader.

“I need to answer only to my constituents and Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari, as well as party leaders,” he was quoted as saying in an interview by the daily this morning.

Norhizam admits to having a short fuse

Norhizam also accused the senior citizen of being an Umno branch leader from Pengkalan Batu.

“The man worked with a local council here, and the man had deliberately created a pandemonium during the meeting with local residents to malign his reputation and was the first to spread the videos of him raising his voice.

“I am unfazed by the criticism made by some netizens as they were unaware of what I go through to resolve issues, including facing those who are trapped in the mindset that DAP is an opposition party.

“I have to admit that I am short-tempered, and the man knew that and how to provoke me,” he said, according to The Star.Norhizam

Senior citizen denies being Umno member

This was refuted by the man whom Norhizam was arguing with. The Star reported that Md Derus Tompang denied he was an Umno man and blamed Norhizam for being uncouth when he just wanted answers on the road closure.

The man from Kampung Nibong told Sinar Harian that he never anticipated Norhizam would act rudely when he posed questions in a cordial manner.

Norhizam: Acting on behalf of residents

Explaining the issue at hand, Norhizam said about 600 residents of Taman Akasia sought his help over an issue where a shortcut used by villagers to go to a nearby mosque had been the cause of accidents and motorcycle thefts.

“I don’t go and simply pick a fight or to flaunt that I am an executive councillor,” he was quoted as saying, adding that children’s safety was at risk from speeding motorists.

Norhizam then accused those who are sharing the latest video of him as having a political motive to put him in a bad light.


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